Harajuku Nail Salon Avarice

Web Appointment

Check List and Process from Appointment through Visit.

①How to make an appointment
You can make an appointment through web site, phone, or inquiry form.
It’s better to make an appointment in advance otherwise you might not be able to find suitable schedule for nailing.
②Check list when you make an appointment (required)
・Individual information(name,Email)
・Which shop would you like to visit?
・How many people will visit?
・Which parts (hands, toes or both?) would you like to get done?
・Would you like to remove current polish? (If you get nails done before)
・Which date would you like to make an appointment?
・Which menu would you like to choose? (If you already decided)
*You can ask us to counsel and decide about nail design when you visit us.
③Other check list
・We can offer you nail menu depending on your budget.
・Cash or credit card can be used (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DINERS)
・English Manual are prepared.
・Our shops are not barrier free designed.
・We don’t have any particular space for kids or pets. If you visit us with your kids or pets, please take care of them not to disturb other customers.
・Smoking is allowed in Harajyuku shop only when all other customers agree with it.
Please visit us by the scheduled time.
If you can’t find our shop, please call us on phone or refer to the access page on web site.
We ask your budget and design images.
Design books are prepared so if you find your favorite design, please let us know.
You can bring in design book, but basically we offer you arranged one and make original design for you.
If you have any questions or requests about nails, please feel free to ask us.
We explain step by step during nailing.
Nailing time is different depending on nail design.

Nail menu includes dry care before treatment.
※It contains cuticle treatment by machine and filing(clean cut the edge)

For example, if it is gel nail, please refer to followings.
No nail removal 1h30m – 2h
With nail removal 2h – 2h30m
Complicated or detailed design needs to be confirmed in advance by phone call or inquiry form.

If your nail condition is not good enough, we might ask you to reschedule.
Please understand that is for keeping your nails beautiful and healthy.

■※Cancellation on the appointment date※(Including taxes)
Cancellation on the appointment date needs cancellation fee.
It is \1,080 if the cancellation is noticed before the appointment time, \3,240 if the cancellation is noticed after the appointment time.

You can change the schedule until one day before the appointment date.
Schedule change on the appointment day can be possible depending on other customer schedules, but basically it is not available.
If you cannot visit us on the appointment day, please let us know as soon as possible.
If you cancel the appointment without any notice, please be informed that we might refuse next booking.