Harajuku Nail Salon Avarice

What is AVARICE?

・ Acrylic board to prevent splashes is always installed in the treatment booth
・ Ultrasonic cleaning and infrared disinfection of equipment for each treatment
・ Staff and customers wear masks
・ Disinfection of customers’ hands (toes) with ethanol
・ Sufficient social distance at the operation booth due to the two staff members
・ Operating an air purifier inside the store while ventilating the entrance and windows during business
・ Disinfection of furniture and handles that can be touched
・ Humidify the room with hypochlorous acid water (weakly acidic)
* Hypochlorous acid water is highly effective in inactivating norovirus and influenza virus. The whole room can be sterilized by adding it to the tank of the humidifier, which is mildly acidic and gentle to the human body.


To turn nail art into a tool of communication. To give your fingertips a personality that resonates with those around you.
We hope that people from all walks of life will experience a world made more positive by ARTxNAIL.
To this end, we offer nail services which break down language barriers and bridge cultural divides.


To change our clients’ daily lives through nail art. We continually offer services which aim to stimulate communication.
・Create positive experiences
・Reduce cultural differences and foster deeper understanding and interactions between the people you meet.


・Drawing out the individuality of our clients through nail art.
・Constantly exceeding your expectations through training and high skill.
AVARICE nail art service’s offers are thoroughly different from others.
With a sense of balance, fashionability, and professionalism, you can enjoy quality beyond imagination.
Our staff look forward to your visit!
Please make an appointment in advance as our shop requires reservations.

A number of our works are displayed on our website and blog.
Please visit our website and blog to see them.
You are always welcomed.


We are looking forward to seeing you.
AVARICE is all appointment system.
Please make an appointment in advance.


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