Harajuku Nail Salon Avarice


What is produced nails?(Rough estimate of Price ¥9,000-)

Each nail artist has advanced techniques and unique character, they will produce your nail designs.
“It’s hard for me to have an idea of nail design.”
“Can’t think of design easily”
“Confusing about the price”
If you have those of troubles, let us know your favorite color, image and your budgets.
Each nail artist will give you some suggestions of nail designs with some questions to understand customer’s favorite.
Please share your idea in your mind, it is good even the image was soft.
We will propose an original design suit to each guest.

What is care course?

● Hand care course
This is a basic nail water care course.
Hand massage in addition to nail care.

Filing → cuticle treatment(water care) → surface polishing(buffing) → hand massage → cuticle oil care

In our store, all Gel nail course contains dry care.
This course is recommended for those who wants to keep clean around the nails.

● Foot care course
This is a course of keratin removal on sole of the foot.
Foot massage in addition to foot care.
To prevent cracks by dried thick horny layers caused of cigarette heels and pumps.
Removing horny layers is to keep gel longer and looks more nicely.

Foot bath → Keratin removal on sole of the foot → Filing → Cuticle work → Surface polishing → Foot massage

In our store,all foot Gel nail course contains dry care.
This course is recommended for those who wants to keep clean not only around the nails but also on sole of the foot.

What is soft gel nail?

It has three layers which are base gel, color gel and top gel Nail is flexible, feels like real nail and easy to handle.
It damages your nail much less. So treatment can be done continuously for your real nail.
Completed nail looks deep, and it feels soft.
Most of our customers come back to salon once a month to change it, and it doesn’t need recoating.
It keeps gloss until you remove it.

■※Cancellation on the appointment date※(Including taxes)
Cancellation on the appointment date needs cancellation fee.
It is \3,300.

You can change the schedule until one day before the appointment date.
Schedule change on the appointment day can be possible depending on other customer schedules, but basically it is not available.
If you cannot visit us on the appointment day, please let us know as soon as possible.
If you cancel the appointment without any notice, please be informed that we might refuse next booking.