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Web Appointment

Repeat Customer

Thank you for visiting us.
It is always grateful that all customers enjoy our nail art.
We will continue to create brand new nail art while trying to do other new things.
Please use convenient way for appointment. You can make an appointment from web site, phone, or inquiry form.
Please refer to following process for web appointment.

About WEB Appointment System

Individual information is protected strictly.
Web schedule update can be a bit delayed since we take an appointment by phone call in parallel. If it is double-booked because of this delay, please be aware that we might ask you to change the appointment date or time.

We are managing our web site to use it smoothly and easily. But please let us know if you find any system faults or bugs on our web site. We improve our services for all customers day by day.

How to Make Appointment through Harajuku Web Site

Please enter your login ID and password.
②Choosing nailist
*It is not required to choose nailist to go ahead.
Here is our nailists.
③Choosing menu and course
Menu is partially limited on web site for the reason of system management.
If the menu you would like to choose is not on web site, please contact us on phone call, inquiry form or choose produce nail and ask us when you visit us.

*In case nail off is necessary
[Add off and sub menu (Off, other sub menu)]
*Web appointment system is not our system so it doesn’t have English menu. Sorry.
Please select off(removal) menu (Off, other sub menu).
Please note that if you need nail off and, nail off menu is not selected, scheduled time is shorter so that menu option might be limited.
④Selection of time schedule.
Please select time and date
⑤Choosing Repeater
Please select repeater.Please select “1” right next to リピーター(Repeated customer).
⑥Complete appointment
Confirmation e-mail will be sent later.
If you have any question about appointment, please write it.
Registry You fill out (* mark) required information, then your ID is issued.